Save Money By Going Raw? Part 1

March 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Like any diet, the raw food lifestyle can be very expensive or it can be done on the cheap.  There are many very expensive items that are often used by raw foodists to supplement the raw food diet.  These include many of the imported superfoods such as Goji and acai berries, coconuts, raw protein powders, seaweeds and nuts and seeds.  However you must remember that these are supplements and in no way should they make up the bulk of a raw foodist daily intake.

Just as someone on the S.A.D (Standard American Diet) will consumer expensive treats occasionally so should a raw foodist think of these expensive supplement items.  Other items such as avocados, protein powders and seaweeds can be compared to expensive meat items.

It is also important to eat seasonally.  A couple of months ago a pint of strawberries was almost $5 in my grocery store.  Yesterday I got them for $1.88.

Just as I’m not an expert on raw food I’m definitely not an expert on saving money.  This is a topic I’m going to continually explore as I try to trim my own grocery budget.  Look forward to seeing my attempts at growing my own patio garden this spring.  Trust me that will be entertaining.  Just look at my poor little plate of sprouts I forgot about again.


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