Learning to Ask for Alternatives

May 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

So I’ve been busy the last couple weeks.  We went to visit our family for Easter and then last weekend I went on a retreat with mom my and mother-in-law.  I had been very worried about what I was going to eat.  I had much more trouble visiting family then I did on the retreat.  However I made sure to bring plenty of my own food for the retreat and that helped A LOT.

Because I’m still transitioning I’m having trouble explaining to people what exactly I will and will not eat.  I wasn’t eating any meat for awhile and I got a really bad canker sore.  I hadn’t had one in years so I was concerned I wasn’t getting any B12.  I’m not supplementing yet so I’m still eating a limited amount of meat.

The retreat I went to had buffet meals so there usually was a few options for me.  The first night though they had just soup and cheese and crackers.  There were a few berries on the cheese platter so I asked the kitchen if they could bring out some fruit.  They brought out a big bowl of raspberries and another of blackberries!  My favourite! Apparently they were favourites of the rest of the ladies because they had to refill those bowls a couple of times!  Just having the courage to ask made a big difference.

I’m also learning that I need to snack throughout the day.  Lately I’ve been starving by mealtime and then find it difficult to make lunch or supper.

I bought a couple new books I’m going to review in the next couple of weeks.


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