Chocolate Milk Love!!!

May 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve always loved Chocolate Milk but I never drank it.  It tastes good but I never used to drank any milk before I found out about my whey and casein allergies.  Of course now I’ll never touch it.

A couple of months ago I switched to Manitoba Harvest Hemp Bliss.  Up until this week though I’d only tried the Original and Vanilla.  However my local Vita Health store had them on sale so I stocked up.  On a whim I bought a carton of the Chocolate flavour.

OMG I drank the whole carton!  Bliss is right!  I’m heading back to the store to pick up more for the weekend.  This weekend we’re heading to the lake with some friends who refuse to eat vegetables.  I’m serious!  We’ll see how this goes!  My husband will eat their food but I’m bringing my own.

One thing I love about Hemp Bliss is the amount of calcium in it.  One cup has 25% of your daily calcium.  One cup of cow milk has 30% so it’s really close.  It’s a great thing to point out to those people who said “WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO GET YOUR CALCIUM FROM?” when I said I was going vegan.  Those people who never drink milk themselves either but who are very concerned with my calcium intake.  That’s another rant though.


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